Imagining the future


Date of Funding: January 2011

The UN 1% for Development Fund grant will be used to help build Phase I of el Imaginarium community center, located in a small village called Dina Huapi in the south of Argentina, on land donated by the founder of Fundacion El Imaginarium, a newly created foundation.  This covered area of 50 square meters will be built through the revival of natural construction methods and will provide the first lesson in sustainability, which the center aims to promote.  The building process has begun and the beautiful ceramic tiles enthusiastically painted by the children of Dina Huapi in January will become part of the actual structure of the community center.  Imaginarium workshops will begin taking place as soon as Phase I is completed.

Members of the indigenous community, who are masters in the art of what today we call “permaculture” (harmonious, sustainable earth care), will be called on and trained to teach workshops in all things related to earth care and cultivation.  The focus will be seed cultivation to ensure the availability of food in the future; harvesting rainwater for drinking and irrigation; harvesting medicinal plants and edible crops; turning waste into energy; and the natural construction methods including the use of recycled materials in building affordable, energy efficient housing.

El Imaginarium’s primary aim is to inspire and ignite the imagination of children, primarily indigenous, marginalized and lacking in resources, and to equip them with the tools and encouragement to believe in their own power to build a rich, sustainable future.  Emphasizing the value of cultural heritage, earth care and expression through arts and crafts will play an important role in achieving the Imaginarium goal.