1 – Criteria for Project Selection

The maximum grant is $5,000 (US Dollars). The Fund does not pay on-going salaries. Requests for grants should specify all amounts in US dollars as well as the local currency. Due to geographical distribution the Fund is not accepting any more grants from India, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Uganda at this time.

To be eligible for one of our grants, your project should:

  1. Represent initiatives taken by the poor and the powerless at the grassroots level and reflect their genuine needs and priorities. An intermediary body (such as an NGO or aid agency) mandated by the community may serve to bring the need to the Fund’s attention and assist the people in the implementation of their project.
  2. Aim at increasing people’s participation in decision-making processes for their own benefit.
  3. Be owned, managed, planned, implemented, operated, maintained and monitored by the people themselves.
  4. Ensure that there is a representative grassroots organization, formal or informal, that will help implement project objectives and will assist the community in all phases of the project.
  5. Foster self-sustaining development, self-reliance, full utilization of local and indigenous resources, cultural promotion, non-dependency-creating processes and community cohesiveness.
  6. Act as a catalyst. Without the Fund’s assistance, available complementary resources and inputs would not have been utilized. Funding from other sources should not be available.
  7. Must be self-supporting.
  8. Must be completely self-financed (the project must be completely funded by the UN 1% Staff Fund, without monetary contribution from any other external source, i.e. no joint projects).
  9. Serve as an entry point into other related development activities that will improve the lives of those at the grassroots.
  10. Aim at meeting the basic human needs of those at the grassroots. Income-generating activities will only serve as a means to achieve those basic needs.
  11. Not incur the Fund any form of overhead and is on a scale that the Fund members can manage on their own.

2 – Send us an email

In your request for funding from the 1% for Development Fund, please include the following information:

  1. The title of your project
  2. What is the exact location of the project (village, neighbourhood, district, province, country)?
  3. Who is preparing and submitting this request?
  4. On whose initiative is the project being started?
  5. What is the present situation that the project seeks to improve? Why is the project necessary?
  6. What is the aim of the project? What does the project hope to achieve?
  7. Who will benefit from the project (also approximately how many people)?
  8. What is the total budget? How will that budget be used?
  9. What is being requested from the 1% Fund? From other sources?
  10. What would the 1% Fund contribution be used for?
  11. Who is going to carry out the project? Will there be hired labourers or salaried experts?
  12. What resources will come from the local community and beneficiaries?
  13. Who is responsible for the project? With whom will the 1% Fund maintain contact (name, address)?
  14. How will the results or achievements of the project be measured?
  15. What is the banking information required for payment (bank account number, account holder, bank name, bank address)?
  16. The Organization’s registration with local government

You can send us your request for funding to unstaffonepercentfundny@gmail.com